Ryanair Refunds Updated 17/07/2022 @ 15:04

If your Ryanair flight was cancelled you can apply for a refund.


In order to obtain your refund, you will need to apply directly to Ryanair and they will process this for you. 


CLICK HERE for the link to complete your refund application.

Ryanair will send you a voucher via email. If you would prefer a refund please decline the voucher and complete Ryanair's Customer Verification Form: CLICK HERE


The Customer Verification form MUST be completed by the first person named on the booking.


Due to the personal information Ryanair require from you, we regret that we are unable to assist you with this part of the process.


If you have any queries about your refund please contact Ryanair via their online chat service: CLICK HERE

(Ryanair may ask for our telephone number; 0208 239 3333 and/or our address; 20 Southend Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1SD)


Unless and until these forms are completed Ryanair will not issue you a refund. When your booking was made your money was immediately passed to Ryanair and they are responsible for refunding this to you.

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