easyJet Refunds 15 December 14:12

Many flights are now operational with easyJet - in this instance, no refund is being offered. 

However, If your flight has been cancelled, you can transfer for free onto any other easyJet flight within the same country, currently up until 30 September 2022. You won’t be charged a change fee or fare difference. 

Alternatively, you could apply for a refund, although easyJet warns that this could take quite some time to get to us. If it works for you, transferring your flights for free might be a better option.   


Q Aren’t I legally entitled to a refund for my cancelled booking within 7-14 days?

A Maybe so, but none of the airlines are refunding quickly. They are all overwhelmed and understaffed, so  things are moving slowly. We find this as frustrating as you do, but there’s nothing we can do about it. 


Q Why can’t Directline flights refund me instead?

A We don’t have your money. easyJet does, as we paid them on the day you made your booking. We need to receive a refund from easyJet first, in order to pass it on to you, which we aim to do within 5 days of receipt. 


Q Isn't my contract with Directline flights?

A Your contract is directly with easyJet. (See our terms and conditions, which you agreed to before making  your booking).


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