COVID19:: easyJet flights operating - FAQs Updated 15/11/2020 11:30

Q What health and safety measures has easyJet put in place?

A easyJet is introducing new measures to help ensure safety and wellbeing including enhanced aircraft cleaning and disinfection and requirement for passengers and crew to wear masks.  

Q When do I have to check in for my flight 

A Please check in immediately and overwrite our contact information with your own (see below), so easyJet can let you know if there are any significant changes to your flight. mceclip0.png



Q I would like to amend my flight, how do I do this?

A Simply reply to any email that we have sent you and let us know the dates/routes and times of the flight that you would like to transfer to. We will check the availability and any costs from easyJet and let you know.

 Q Is there a deadline for changing my flight?

A Yes, all changes have to be made 24 hours before your scheduled time of departure. 

Q The new flight times/airport/dates are not suitable. What are my options?

A If your flight hasn’t been cancelled, you can switch onto any flight in the future - Here’s how. NB easyJet charges may apply. if your flight is not cancelled easyJet will not be offering refunds.

 Q When will summer 2021 be open for booking?

A easyJet has opened their system for booking up until 30 September 2021 You can check easyJet’s schedule release dates here..





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