COVID-19: Jetset FAQs

Q Why have I received a voucher from my airline? I want a refund, not a voucher.

 A Your airline is not issuing refunds for cancelled bookings.  Instead they have issued you with a credit voucher.  On the voucher it states the value, and when your new flight must be taken by.


Q Can I give this voucher to someone else?

A No, your airline has stipulated that the same passengers on the original booking must travel on the new booking.


Q What if we want to travel separately?

 A Your flight supplier Jetset can request separate vouchers for each passenger on the booking.


Q What is the value of my voucher?

 A The value is printed on your voucher. If your new flight is more expensive you will be asked to pay any difference in cost.


Q I didn’t have baggage or other ‘extras’ on my old booking, can I add them to my new booking and use the credit voucher to cover the costs?

 A No, your airline will not permit this. The voucher can be used towards the cost of a new booking but not for baggage or extra services.


Q My new flight is less expensive than the original flight, what happens to the difference?

 A Jetset will issue a further credit voucher to you for the fare difference and this will be emailed to you.


Q Can I exchange this voucher for cash?

 A No, your airline has not given you this option.


Q How do I re-book my new flight?

 A Please reply to the email we have sent to you and let us know where you would like to fly to and from, and your preferred dates/times of travel. One of the team will check the availability and let you know of there are any additional costs.


Q When is the voucher valid until?

 A Your airline has not stated an expiry date, but they are usually valid for 1 year from the original date of departure.


Q Can I travel at any time?

 A No, your airline has stipulated that all travel must be completed before 31 December 2021


Q Can I switch to another airline?

 A No, your airline will not allow this, new booking will have to be made with the original airline.


Q I’ve already made another booking with this airline, can I use this voucher towards that booking?

 A No, your airline has said that the voucher cannot be applied to an existing booking.


Q What documentation may I be asked to provide when I make my new booking?

 A Your airline has said that you may be asked to send all booking documentation, receipts, confirmations, ATOL Certificates (if applicable) and credit statements.


Q What about the airline’s Terms & Conditions?

 A Your airline has said that all T’s & C’s applicable to the original booking apply to your new booking unless anything in the CAN (Voucher) supersedes them.


Q But surely I’m legally entitled to a refund?

A Maybe so, but your airline has made the decision not to refund you. We find this as frustrating as you do, but there’s nothing we can do about it. 


Q Why can’t directline flights refund me instead?

A We don’t have your money, as we paid for your tickets on the day you made your booking.


Q But surely my contract is with directline flights?

A Your contract is with Jetset. (See our terms and conditions, which you agreed to before making  your booking).

 Click here for a copy of the Jetset booking conditions which are viewable at the time of making a booking.

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