Service Fee FAQs

Q Why do you charge a service fee?

Travel agents used to be paid commission by the airlines, but those days have long gone, so we are obliged to charge a service fee instead. This covers our overheads. We show the airline fare separate from the service fee throughout the booking process, so the fee is fully transparent.

 Q What overheads does the fee cover?

 A Among other things, the service fee covers paying our staff, card acceptance and bank charges, the cost of building and maintaining our price comparison website, regulatory costs, and the cost of providing expert personal help with all aspects of managing your booking.

When did I agree to this?

 A. The service fee is itemised in the Price Panel on the booking page, where it can be expanded to show what it covers. It was included in the total you paid. It also features prominently in our terms and conditions which you agreed to before making your booking.

Q The airline has refunded the cost of the cancelled flight. Why don't you refund the service fee?

 A The airline hasn’t provided the service, but we have, as most of these costs were incurred at the time of booking. In addition we now face the considerable extra costs associated with chasing, verifying and passing on refunds to customers. We are determined to help as many customers and look after as many of our staff as possible during this difficult time and without retaining our fee, this would be impossible. The service fee is strictly non-refundable.


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