COVID19 easyJet FAQs Updated 27/07/2020 14:37

The ongoing situation with upcoming easyJet flights is complex and liable to change. Please check back to this page on a regular basis for the latest information.

Q. I am due to fly to Spain before 31 August 2020, can I cancel?

If your flight is to mainland Spain, the Canaries or Balearic islands, and your departure date is before 31/08/2020, easyJet is currently offering a voucher (not a refund). To request your voucher you must call easyJet on 0330 365 5001. easyJet may ask you for our email address as part of their security questions, this is


Q. Will all flights this summer be cancelled?

A. easyJet has announced that they plan to operate their flights, subject to government approval. 


Q. What health and safety measures has easyJet put in place?


A. easyJet is introducing new measures to help ensure safety and wellbeing including enhanced aircraft cleaning and disinfection and requirement for passengers and crew to wear masks.  


Q. Will my flight be cancelled, and how will I know?

A. easyJet says “we are currently cancelling our flights on a seven-day rolling basis to manage the number of contacts going to our Customer Service Team. This ensures that we’re able to help and support our customers as best we can”. We’ve seen some flights cancelled more than 7 days departure. We encourage you to check for yourself


Q. My flight hasn’t been cancelled, but I don’t want to travel on the booked dates. What are my options?

A. If your flight hasn’t been cancelled yet, you can switch onto any flight outside of 14 days without charge. (admin fee applies if changing within 14 days of travel). If you do make the change then any fare difference may still apply. You can also change your flight as many times as you’d like, to any route, for any date up to September ’21. Here’s how. Alternatively, you can hold onto your flight. NB if your flight is not cancelled easyJet will not be offering refunds.


Q. When will summer 2021 be open for booking?

A. easyJet has opened their booking schedule all the way to 30 September 2021, so you can book now. You can check easyJet’s schedule release dates here.


Q. My flight has been cancelled. What are my options?

A. Because your flight has been cancelled, you can transfer for free onto any other easyJet flight within      Europe, currently up until 30 September 2021. You won’t be charged a change fee or fare difference. This means that you can transfer onto flights to the most popular destinations during peak periods, free of charge. From Malaga in October to skiing in half-term or German Christmas markets…Change to any flight, any time, for free. 

Alternatively, you could apply for a refund, although easyJet warns that this could take quite some time to get to us. If it works for you, transferring your flights for free might be a better option.


Q. But surely I’m legally entitled to a refund within 7 days?

A. Maybe so, but none of the airlines are refunding quickly. They are all overwhelmed and understaffed, so  things are moving very slowly. We find this as frustrating as you do, but there’s nothing we can do about it. 


Q. Why can’t Directline Flights refund me instead?

A. We don’t have your money. easyJet does, as we paid them on the day you made your booking. We need to receive a refund from easyJet first in order to pass it on to you, which we aim to do within 5 days of receipt.


Q. But surely my contract is with Directline Flights?

A. Your contract is directly with easyJet. (See our terms and conditions, which you agreed to before making  your booking).


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