The situation with upcoming Ryanair flights is complex and liable to change. Please check back to this page on a regular basis for the latest information.

Q. Will all flights this summer be cancelled?

A. Ryanair has announced that they plan to operate some of their flights, subject to government approval.


Q. What health and safety measures has Ryanair put in place?

A Ryanair has published these guidelines to healthy flying.


Q. When will my flight be cancelled, and how will I know?

A. If Ryanair cancels your flight, they will send an email direct to you, setting out your options.


Q. If my flight is cancelled, how can I apply for a voucher from Ryanair?

A. Click the ‘Apply for a refund’ on the email that Ryanair have sent you, complete the form, and a voucher  (not a refund) from Ryanair will follow.


Q. What if I want a refund instead?

A. There is a link in the email you get from Ryanair, called ‘Apply for a refund’. Unfortunately completing the form generates a voucher valid for 12 months, not a refund.  Changing this to a refund is possible, but it’s difficult, and the refund may take some time. Click here for details from Ryanair, and here for our advice.


Q. But surely I’m legally entitled to a refund within 7 days?

A. Maybe so, but none of the airlines are refunding quickly, and some are not refunding at all. They are all overwhelmed and understaffed, so things are moving very slowly. We find this as frustrating as you do, but there’s nothing we can do about it.


Q. Why can’t directline flights refund me instead?

A. We don’t have your money. Ryanair does, as we paid them on the day you made your booking. We need to receive a refund from Ryanair first in order to pass it on to you.


Q. But surely my contract is with Directline Flights?

A. Your contract is directly with Ryanair. (See our terms and conditions, which you agreed to before making  your booking).


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