easyJet cancelled flight. How do I apply for a refund?


(If your departure date is in the past, please reply to our most recent email and we will be in touch to help).

Once your future outbound flight has been cancelled (usually within 7 days of departure) you can amend the entire booking online. 

To view your booking and apply for a refund here's what to do. Please follow these steps carefully.

1. Read these instructions carefully before clicking on the button! We know they work if followed carefully.

2. If you're in your easyJet account, sign out of it.

3. Click "Manage Bookings"

4. Click on the tab, which says "NO ACCOUNT? FIND A BOOKING". 

5. Enter your reference and surname (without any hyphens or spaces)


 If your flight has been cancelled you will see the following status:



Click on the 'Manage Disruption' button to apply for a refund.

Select 'Request a voucher'  (Please note, this will generate a refund, not a voucher).

You can request a voucher (refund) for both legs of your journey, even if only one leg is showing as cancelled.


Click the 'Finalise' button to confirm your request. 


If you’re struggling with this, just reply to our most recent email and we’ll be in touch to help.

If only one of your flights has been disrupted, you will need to apply for a refund or change the flight BEFORE the original flight date.




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