easyJet - Coronavirus update (COVID-19) 12/11/2020 09:45


Here are the key things you need to know in this rapidly unfolding situation.

Q. Can you tell me if and when my flight will be cancelled?

A. We can't, but you can view the status of your easyJet booking by using the instructions below. easyJet are cancelling flights approximately 10 days before each departure. 

Q. My flight has been cancelled. What happens now? 

A.  If easyJet has cancelled your flight and the departure date is in the future, you can log into your booking and transfer your flight free of charge.(click here to find out how).

Alternatively as easyJet is offering a refund for your flight you can apply for this online only if your departure date is in the future. (please click here to find out how).

Q. My flight has been cancelled and the departure date is in the past. What happens now? 

A. As the departure date of your flight has passed, we can apply for the refund on your behalf. Please reply to any email that we have sent to you with the word REFUND

Alternatively, if you would like to amend your departure date and/or route, please reply to any email we have sent you with the new dates/route and we will assist you.

Q. When will I receive my refund?

A. We will start the process as soon as easyJet make it possible (typically 5-9 days before each flight departure). We will also be available, when you’re ready, to help you rebook the flight of your choice. 

Q, The refund link is not available when I log in to my booking, why is that?

A. Most airlines have stopped offering cash refunds for cancelled flights. Instead, they are offering alternatives, such as the ability to reschedule, or refund vouchers to use against a future booking. We expect easyJet to do the same.

Q. I've already applied for a refund. How long will it take to come through?

A.  We don't know, but we'll pass it on as soon as we can after receiving it.


To check if your flight has been cancelled, or postpone your travel, here's what to do.

1. If you're in your easyJet account, sign out of it.

2. Click "Manage Bookings"

3. Click on the tab, which says "NO ACCOUNT? FIND A BOOKING". 

4. Enter your reference and surname (without any hyphens or spaces)


 If your flight has been cancelled you will see the following status:


Click on the 'Manage disruption' button to amend your flight or apply for a voucher.



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