Thomas Cook Ceases Trading Updated 03/11/2019


The money you paid us for your booking is protected. There will be no claim for you to make, no paperwork for you to complete.  When we get your money back, we'll pass it on as soon as possible. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated regularly


When can I expect my refund?

The good news is that the refunds have just started to arrive in. We’re busy now processing the refunds as soon as we can, aiming to pass them on within 5 days of receipt. We understand that it is likely to take until the end of this (November 2019) for all the claims to be settled although this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that we will not contact you individually when we make your refund, as we want to focus all our efforts on processing the refunds as quickly as possible.

Over the past few days, these are the questions we’ve been asked most often. 
Q. What do I have to do to make a claim?
A. There’s nothing for you to do, as we take care of the entire process.

Q. When can I expect my refund?
A. We don't have any direct control over the processing times or the banks and card providers involved, but when we have a clearer idea of the timelines, we’ll let you know. We’re committed to paying out within 5 working days of receiving the funds. 

How will I be refunded?

We will make the refund directly onto the card you used to make your booking. If your card has expired, we’ll send a cheque to the lead passenger

What happens if I added extras to my flight booking, like seats or extra bags?

If you paid us for this, you can expect us to refund you. If you paid Thomas Cook directly, you’ll need to claim through your bank or credit card company. You can see who you paid by checking the entries on your bank or credit card statement.

What about separate hotels, car hire etc - are they protected?

If the worst were to happen and you were unable to travel, it's possible you could lose out if you'd separately booked extra accommodation or activities that you found you were unable to use. 

If this were to happen, your first step would be to get in touch with the supplier of the service and see if you could change your booking or get a refund – even if it's officially not allowed, it would be worth explaining the situation and seeing if the firm might make an exception. You could also check if your travel insurance would cover you, as some more comprehensive policies may give you 'abandonment protection' for consequential losses.

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