Can I cancel my booking and get my money back? Updated 13/02/23

Airlines do not issue any refunds for cancelled bookings. They do, however, allow changes to be made to the names, dates or routes. For this, they charge an administration fee plus any difference in the fare.

Any changes would need to be made at least 24 hours before departure. 

As flight tickets are non-refundable there is no need to let an airline know that you are no longer travelling unless you wish to make a claim via your Travel Insurance. 

Should you be making a claim and require a cancellation invoice, please contact your airline and they will provide you with documentation to support your insurance claim. 


Exceptional Circumstances 

In cases of bereavement or the serious illness of a passenger on the booking, some airlines will offer a refund or credit note. They will require a Dr's/Hospital letter on headed paper confirming the details and the name of the passenger travelling. In all cases the airline expects the booking to be cancelled before the flight departure time/date. Please contact your airline and they will assist you. 



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