What is my infant baggage allowance?

Different airlines will allow you to take differing volumes of luggage for your infant. An infant is any child under the age of 2 who is not entitled to a seat.

With most airlines, you do not need to pre-book the carriage of a pushchair/buggy or car seat, as these are carried free of charge.

While every effort is made to keep this information up to date, please click on the name of your airline to visit their website for further details.

For details on milk product carriage please click here.

EZY_Logo.png Hand baggage - small changing bag of 45cm x 36m x 20cm carried free (no weight limit)
Ryanair_Logo.png Hand baggage - 5kg (small baby bag)
Flybe_Logo.png NO additional luggage provided
AerL_Logo.gif NO additional luggage provided
TC_Logo.png Hold baggage - 10kg on top of your allowance. (No additional hand luggage provided)
TUI_Logo.jpg Hold baggage - 10kg on top of your allowance. (No additional hand luggage provided)

Hand baggage - a reasonable amount of baby food and milk/formula for the flight. Hold baggage - 5kg (packed in your bag, or their own separate bag)


Hand baggage - 5kg on top of your allowance + 1 folding pushchair/buggy (see section 4 of the help information on the Lolo website))
BlueAir_logo.png Hold baggage - 1 piece of hold baggage (max. 20kg) OR 1 pushchair/buggy


Hand baggage - 8kg on top of your allowance

If your airline is not listed above, please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help you.



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