How do I check in for my Ryanair flight? - I booked on/after 12 August 2018


You must check in online, as Ryanair will charge you if you check in at the airport. To check-in enter your 6 digit reference number and the email address you used to make the booking in the 'No account yet section'.

Please be vigilant with your reference and use the correct letter/digit. an I can look like a 1, or an O (letter) can look like a 0 (zero). Please check carefully.

If you have a Ryanair account, simply log into your account, click on: 'Can’t find your upcoming trip' and add your reservation number and your email address. The booking will appear under the My Bookings section.


You must check in online or the airline will charge you £55/€55 per person, per flight to check in at the airport


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