How do I check in for my Ryanair flight?


You must check-in online, as Ryanair will charge you if you check-in at the airport.

Check-in opens 2 days before each flight if you have not reserved seats. 

If you have reserved and paid for seats you can check-in up to 60 days before each flight.

To check-in,  enter your 6 digit reference number and the email address you used to make the booking in the 'No account yet section'.

Please be vigilant with your reference and use the correct letter/digit. an I can look like a 1, or an O (letter) can look like a 0 (zero). Please check carefully.

If you have a Ryanair account, simply log into your account, click on: 'Can’t find your upcoming trip' and add your reservation number and your email address. The booking will appear under the My Bookings section.


You must check-in online or the airline will charge you £55/€55 per person, per flight to check-in at the airport



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