Claiming for EU261 Compensation and Expenses

We understand how frustrating it can be when there is a disruption to your flight.

If you have experienced a delay to your flight you may be entitled to reclaim your expenses and/or claim compensation. In order to find out if you might be eligible the most comprehensive information can be found on the Citizen’s Advice website by clicking here.

If you believe you are entitled to claim compensation or expenses you can submit your claim directly to your airline. Please select your airline's logo below to visit the relevant page on their website.

Most airlines respond within 14 days, but they may take up to 56 days during busy times. Your airline should contact you directly with their response.

Ryanair_Logo.png EZY_Logo.png Flybe_Logo.png

If claiming expenses, you may need the facility to scan all your receipts into one document.

You may be asked for your Swift code and/or IBAN number as part of the claim. This information can be found on your bank statement or your account information online. Alternatively, please click on the following links:

To find your Swift code click here.

To find your IBAN number click here.





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