How do I check in for my Ryanair flight? (I booked on/after 30 April 2018)

I booked on/after 30 April 2018

To access your booking with Ryanair and check in online, as well as view the seating plan and book seats, simply follow these instructions.

Visit the Ryanair website (see 4 below) after you've read through these instructions

  1. Select ‘Check-in’, then in the No account yet? section, enter your 6 letter booking reference (this can be found on your original email confirmation from us)
  2. Enter the email address:
    (Entering your own e-mail address won't work, as you booked through us).
  3. Follow the instructions from Ryanair
  4. Click here to check in and manage your booking 


Check-in opens 60 days before departure, provided you are willing to pay for your choice of seats, or 2 days if you are happy to be seated anywhere on the aircraft.


You must check in online or the airline will charge you £55/€55 per person, per flight to check in at the airport



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